2015 Missouri Black Cutworm Intensive Capture Counts

Moth captures in a pheromone trap do not indicate that treatment is necessary, but indicate that fields should be scouted. Be aware that there are several species of cutworm and this alert only applies to the black cutworm.

Be aware that not all counties have an active black cutworm trap. (View Missouri Black Cutworm Maps) For identification, scouting, and management information of black cutworm visit our "How To Scout" resources page.

There are currently no significant counts for the traps that we monitor for Black Cutworm that qualify for an alert. Please check back at a later date for future alerts or subscribe to our pest alerts e-mail lists to be notified of future alerts. [Subscribe Now]

**Cut date is an estimated date of when damage may be seen in the field. It is based on actual and 30-year estimated temperatures. This estimated date may change as actual temperatures become available.

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